Background & Resources

We are using the City’s release of an audit of Verizon’s performance as a starting off point, but we see this effort as a longer-range effort to build a grassroots campaign to provide a productive focus for people’s frustrations about lack of affordable, reliable telecom and broadband service, helping to demand a more competitive marketplace that provides the services we all need.

For some background, here’s the City’s press release on the Verizon Audit:
NYC Audit & Mayor’s Press Release (Click Here)

Fore more background information, read the following Consumerist blog post:
New York City Audit Calls Out Verizon for Failure to Build Out Fios Network as Promised (Click Here) 

For a summary of the 2008 FiOS Franchise Agreement with NYC:
Comprehensive Handout for FiOS Agreement Information

Or, read the full version of the 2008 Franchise Agreement here: